Soham De

University of Washington


I’m a PhD student at the University of Washington and a part of the Center for Informed Public, advised by Martin Saveski. My research interests are broadly within Computational Social Science, which includes the study of misinformation and social media. I’m specifically interested in building healthier online spaces in a post-LLM world - let’s chat if this sounds exciting!

Previously, I interned at Microsoft Research India under Anirban Sen and at the University of Michigan under Joyojeet Pal. I graduated magna cum laude from Ashoka University with a Gold Medal in Computer Science. Beyond academics, I’m a competent artist, photographer, archer and an incompetent pianist.

personal updates

Jul 2023 I’ve documented by experience applying to CS/IS PhD programs in this blog. Check it out and let me know if you find it helpful!
Jun 2023 I’m finally happy to share that I’ll be joining the PhD program at UW (iSchool) this Fall, and will be advised by Martin Saveski. Hence the color change!
Apr 2023 I visited Ann Arbor and Seattle in April, to attend PhD visit days and organise a conference. At some point, I will add these pictures in my gallery.
Mar 2023 I’m one of the student organisers for SMSI 2023 and will be in UMSI from April 7-8. Do register for the conference (it’s free!)
Dec 2022 Our work on jounalists, presented by the amazing Sukhnidh Kaur won Best Poster at ACM SIGCHI Symposium for HCI and Friends!